Three Giants of Taymyr

Code of tour:
Name of tour:
Three Giants of Taymyr
Trip duration:
17 days

Included:the group will stay in spacious all-season heated tents with fixed frame, rigid floor and sliding door. The tent is 4 m in length, 2 m in width, and 2 meters in height. One tent is arranged for two people. There will be also a comfortable spacious heated tent as a dining room, and electric generator to recharge accumulators and provide the base camp with light .
Price does not include:A professional cook accompanying the group will provide you with meals three times daily (warm breakfasts and dinners, packed lunches en route).

Day 1 (Monday): Arrive in Krasnoyarsk early in the morning by the flight from Moscow. Take a local flight from Krasnoyarsk to Khatanga. Dinner at the local restaurant with traditional cuisine. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2,3: From Khatanga the group travels by sea vessel (ship) Taymyr to Nordvik Bay (400 km to the north-east), on its way visiting Russias northernmost trading station in Syndiasko settlement (73,3 N), so as to observe the everyday life of the indigenous population (Dolgans, Nganasans, Nenets). In Nordvik bay the group goes ashore for the tour of the abandoned settlement from the 1930s-40s, where they can see derelict British and American oil drilling equipment, supplied to the Soviet Union through lend-lease agreements back in the 1930s.

On Day 3, we will arrive to the mouth of Novaya river. A tented camp will be put in place there (with large heated all-season tents).

Days 4-6: Hiking trips to explore the surrounding area. Excursions will be held along the shoreline with high chances of observing polar bears, because that is where their migration path lies. With luck, you will also see individual walruses. Accommodation in the tented camp.

Days 7-10: Transfer by 2 pneumatic all-terrain vehicles Bronto and motor boats to the Cape Tsvetkov. Set up a tented camp near the walrus rookery. Observe walruses, very high chances to observe polar bears. Explore the Cape Tsvetkov. On Day 10, return back to the mouth of River Novaya. Overnight there at the tented camp.

Days 11-14: Travel with motor boats upstream the river Novaya. Hiking excursions in the surrounding to observe local fauna and flora. There are highest chances to observe musk oxen and big herds of reindeer. Travellers will also have an opportunity to observe the traditional lifestyle of indigenous peoples. At this time of the year the big sea char (red fish) migrates along Novaya river (some individuals weighing up to 30 kg and more), which offers ample opportunities for sport fishing (catch-and-release).

Overnights in the tented camp that follows the group to each new location, the tents dismantled and put up again by accompanying personnel.

Day 15: Transfer by helicopter from Novaya River to Khatanga.

*For additional payment on this way it would be possible to visit the island of Transfiguration with its largest bird colony.

Overnight at the hotel in Khatanga.

Day 16 (August 19): in Khatanga. Visit the Museum of Local Lore and Mammoth Museum (where you can see a famous Zharkova Mammoth). At the school of national art you can buy souvenirs made of mammoth bone, walrus tusk, etc. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 17 : Depart from Khatanga to Krasnoyarsk by local flight. Further flight to Moscow.

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