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  Three Giants of Taymyr

Taimyr Peninsula is one of the least accessible regions in Russia and can be compared in this respect with Antarctica or the North Pole. Some areas in Taimyr cannot be reached even with helicopter. This year we offer you a unique opportunity to visit this genuinely pristine corner of the planet on the shore of the Laptev Sea, joining the scientific expedition. During this trip, you can observe the Laptev walruses, polar bears, musk oxen and reindeer in their natural habitat, as well as learn about traditional lifestyle of local indigenous peoples the Dolgans, Nganasans and Nenets. The expedition will take place at Cape Tsvetkov (latitude 74 N, 450 km to the north-east of Khatanga). A stationary tent camp will be set up in the immediate vicinity of a walrus rookery. The rookery is stretched along a huge spit jutting several kilometres into the sea. This time of the year is the breeding season for the walrus, and the growing offsprings are particularly interesting to observe. The migration routes of the polar bear also lie through this area, where the walrus rookeries are their main attraction, so that visitors can witness some unique episodes of interaction between these giant animals. While our group will further move from the coast upward, into Byrranga mountains, the reindeer and herds of musk oxen can be encountered. Excursions will be done by marine rubber boat along the coastline. Between the Cape Tsvetkov and the Bay of Maria Pronchischeva, at the 40-m high rocky coast, there are fantastic geological objects enlisted in the UNESCO Heritage List. With luck, you will be able to see the mammoth tusks or other remnants of prehistoric fauna. Additionally, excursions by pneumatic all-terrain vehicles Bronto will be arranged to the Byrranga Mountains the least visited mountains in the world. You will enjoy incredible landscapes and very high chances to watch musk oxen, reindeer (the biggest reindeer population inhabits the areas east to Putorana Plateau), polar wolves. Fishing in local rivers is beautiful: omul, chir, muxun, Arctic char, marine char. At a distance of 25 km from Cape Tsvetkov lies the magnificent rocky Island of Transfiguration (Ostrov Preobrazheniya), discovered by the Great Northern Expedition (V. Pronchitschev, S. Tchelyuskin, Kh. Laptev) in 1737. This famous bird rookery can be visited by helicopter.
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