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Ussuriland: to the kingdom of amur tiger

The Russian Far East, known as the northern jungle, is one of the worlds most interesting natural regions. It is famous for the unique mixture of species typical to the northern taiga and southern subtropics, which reside in the same neighborhood. The region possesses the highest flora and fauna diversity in Russia, as well as a great number of endemic and rare species. It is the primary habitat for the Amur Tiger, Far Eastern Leopard, Himalayan Black Bear, Amur Goral, Blakistons Fish Owl, Red-crowned, White-napped and Hooded Cranes, Scaly Merganser, etc.


  The best of Amurland & Ussuriland

Far Eastern Marine nature reserve - islands of Peter the Great Gulf - Khasan nature park - Kedrovaya Pad' nature reserve - Bikin river area - Muraviovka Crane Park. Extension: Udyl' lake

  Russian Amazonia

Virgin taiga of the Bikin river area - Kedrovaya Pad' nature reserve - Khasan Nature Park, shore of the Sea of Japan
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