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  Rafting and fishing tour on the Opala River

Opala River is rich on fish, with all of Kamchatkas salmon species represented, and flows through an uninhabited area. It is situated relatively close to the town Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and surrounded with beautiful landscapes. The river flows through the caldera of the Opala Volcano. There are very high chances to see a Brown Bear. Opala River (length 161 km, surface area 4070 km2) is a large river on the South-Western part of the coast of Kamchatka and plays an important role in the reproduction of the Far-Eastern Salmonides. There are no human settlements along the river banks. Fishing is organised from rafts and river banks. Rafting begins in the middle reach of the river, some 100 km away from the river mouth. The river is 100-200 m wide. The summer temperature of the water is not higher than 5-7C. The rafting goes by two groups of springs: Verkhne-Opal`skie (thermal) and Nizhne-Opal`skie (mineral). One part of the rafting route goes through an old cauldron of the Opala Volcano, 5 km from its slopes. Species that can be observed in Opala River during spawning: King Salmon a few hundred individuals Sockeye Salmon a few thousand individuals Pink Salmon up to 5 million individuals in peak years Chum Salmon more than 55,000 individuals Silver Salmon up to 25,000 individuals There are big numbers of Malma and Rainbow Trout in the river. There is also a small number of sima, Steelhead and East Siberian Char. The spawning sites of the salmon start some 10-12 km from the mouth.

  Family expedition to the rivers S.Shuya or Von'ga, Karelia

Family tour to the secluded forest river; the sections of fast-running water are changed with transparent lake pools. Rest in a cosy tourist cottage. A lot of mushrooms and berries!

  Rafting down the Siberian Oka river, Buryatia Republic

Siberian Oka is one of two the most powerful rivers in the Eastern Sayans. It flows across virgin taiga forest and lava fields. Excellent fishing (taimen, grayling, lenok, burbot). Mountain area of Oka is called as ''Tibet in miniature''. Trekking tour can be additionally organized Route: Arrive in Irkutsk (5-hrs flight from Moscow) - visit to the Tunkinsky Hollow National Park - transfer to the village of Orlik - rafting down Oka river - transfer to Irkutsk.

  Fishing and rafting down the river Kyzyl-Khem

Altay-Sayans mountain region is a land of numerous rivers and lakes, a true paradise for those fond of rafting and fishing. The specific feature of all rafting tours in this region is its abundance in interesting objects and contrasts: rapids, waterfalls, fabulous landscapes changing during one tour from glaciers of mountain peaks to sandy hills of steppes. In the upper reaches of rivers, fishing is always very good. There is a plenty of berries, mushrooms and cedar nuts. Kyzyl-Khem (called in Mongolia Shishkhid-Gol) is a tributary of mighty Yenissei river. It is considered to be the most beautiful rafting river in Tuva and even in whole Eastern Siberia. It is also famous because of excellent fishing (taimen Hucho, grayling Thymallus, and lenok Brachymystax lenok). Traditionally, Mongolia dwellers do not use fish in their food, and, probably, this (together with difficult access) is one of the reasons for the abundance of valuable fish in the upper reaches of Kyzyl-Khem. There are few places on Earth that have preserved its severe primordial beauty to such extent. Characteristic feature of Kyzyl-Khem is its ''ship rocks'' the rocky islands covered by spruce, therefore its upper parts seem to be wider than the bottom. In the upper reaches, for dozens of kilometers high steep rocky banks hang over the river, with white threads of waterfalls drooping among the emerald verdure of the taiga. The river winds through deep forests and narrow valleys, but changes dramatically when it enters the two steep canyons. There, steep walls constrict the river and turn it into a continuous class boulder garden. The hydraulics here is powerful. Due to the absence on any roads, travel along the river Kyzyl-Khem is possible only by rafting (we use catarafts). The major portion of the route passes in absolutely uninhabited areas, only close to its final point some settlements of the Old-believers appear (they are ethnic Russians who split off from the Russian Orthodox Church in 1966 and sought to live a self-sustaining life, in the most remote place they could find). The tour involves visiting the communities of the Tuvans and Russian Old-Believers, learning the Tuvan culture, attending to a shaman's ritual and listening to a world-famous Tuvan throat-singing.

  Rafting down the Kantegir River

Arrive in Abakan (4-hrs flight from Moscow). Tour to the Khakassky nature reserve, Kazanovka nature & archaeological park, see the most impressive archaeological monuments of Khakassia. Transfer to the picturesque Kantegir river, rafting. Tour by small ship along the ''Sayans Sea'' (Enissey river), hike along the ecological trail of the Shushensky Bor national park. Ethnographical presentation in the Shushenskoe village

  Customized tours to different rivers of Caucasus: Teberda, Big Zelenchuk, Aksaut, Malka, Big and Small Laba, Belaya, Mzymta

Caucasian rivers are relatively short (1-4 rafting days), reach in rapids and other obstacles, and easy in access. Rafting sections of many rivers pass through uninhabited areas. Well-developed infrastructure makes it possible to combine rafting programs with excursions to nature reserves, trekking, mountaineering, and horseback riding.

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