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The Ecological Tourism Association of Russia was found in 2001 by the Ecotourism Development Fund "Dersu Uzala" ( along with the Russian Union Of Travel Industry under the financial aid of USAID и WWF.

This idea was also supported by The Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia.

Our Mission is to assist the promotion of international principles for sustainable and ecological tourism in Russia, to develop ecological tourism throughout the system of national environmentally protected areas, to realize projects for saving cultural and natural heritage of our country.

We believe that ecological tourism in Russia should develop in the way of international tendencies, based on world's experience and practices implementation.

We consider the system of national environmentally protected areas - national parks and nature reserves - as the best fit for ecological tourism development in Russia. In its potential the system of national environmentally protected areas of Russia is on of the best in the world. The system covers almost all the unique and notable landscapes and ecosystems of country that haven't been touched by human activity. Visiting them is a great chance of meeting the primordial nature.

We are concerned with the existing situation of ecotourism field in Russia. Unfortunately, today most of the people in our country, including different levels of government, have a very little understanding of principles and organizational needs for ecotourism development. But in the same time there are spontaneous attempts on initiation of ecotourism. That is a serious threat, which, with no particular planning and managing, could lead into cutting on economical wellness of local people and national nature reserves, could destroy unique ecosystems and finally it could discredit the idea of the ecological tourism itself.

Our primary task is to create resourceful information field in Russia, dedicated to a wide propagation of all aspects that involved in the ecological tourism development. On the other hand, it is very important for us to inform International society about current situation and perspectives of ecological tourism in Russia.

Other Association's objectives are:

- Providing consultations for national parks, regional governments and local people on creating strategies and business plans for ecological and sustainable tourism development.

- Marketing research, advertising and promotion of the national parks tour-products inside the country as well as internationally.

- Holding seminars and trainings on all subjects of ecological tourism development.

The President of The Ecotourism Association of Russia

Natalia V. Moraleva.


Financial Support of the League of Nation's Health.